teen gym


A dedicated space for teens to train, learn and achieve their fitness goals.

Train, Learn, Grow

At BigBox's Teen Gym young members can discover the joy of fitness in a safe and motivating environment. Our facility provides a space for training, learning and progression with the guidance of dedicated gym instructors. With a focus on education and safety, our team helps teens understand how to train effectively and reach their fitness goals. Plus, with weekly challenges and a dedicated challenge whiteboard, members can enjoy healthy competition and stay engaged with their fitness journey.

teen gym


Our Teen Gym is equipped with a wide variety of cardio, strength and functional equipment to provide a comprehensive workout experience.

  • Cardio: Get your heart pumping with a variety of cardio machines including upright bikes, assault bikes, ski ergs, treadmills, cross trainers and rowing machines.
  • Strength: Build muscle and strength with our range of pin-loaded strength equipment, a free weight dumbbell area (2.5kg - 20kg), a DAP cable machine and a Smith machine for a full-body workout.
  • Functional: Enhance functional fitness with our fully equipped Technogym rig, featuring multiple elements to challenge and diversify training sessions.


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