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Achieve your fitness goals faster and better with a fully automated workout system.

Our Biocircuit, powered by Technogym, offers a revolutionary approach to fitness. Designed to deliver a fully guided and personalised workout experience Biocircuit helps you reach your goals more efficiently. Whether you're looking to boost your energy, lose weight, tone your body, stay young or enhance your athletic performance, Biocircuit has a programme tailored to your needs. With intelligent training components it ensures that exercises, workloads, tempo and rest times are perfectly set for you.

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Personalised Workout Programs

Our Biocircuit system features five distinct exercise programs, each designed to meet specific fitness goals:

  • Start Moving: Boost your energy and mood with increased muscle strength and improved posture.
  • Lose Weight: Raise your metabolic rate for a slimmer shape by burning more calories and increasing muscle strength.
  • Tone Your Body: Look and feel great by improving muscle balance, toning postural muscles and increasing joint flexibility.
  • Energy: Enhance your quality of life with a safe strength training program that benefits your energy levels, bone health and mood.
  • Boost Performance: Increase athletic performance, improve muscle power and ignite your competitive spirit with high-intensity training.


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